Male companion and escort – Gigolo Prague

Starters (just first meeting):
wine or coffee

one-time date

400 EUR/hour

1.500 EUR/hour

Main dishes:
tantric massage

behind the closed door

1.100 EUR/hour

1.100 EUR/hour

romantic dinner

the Night

1.100 EUR/hour

10.000 EUR/night

If you need to be concerned about my price list, than my service is not the right one for you.

I love colourfulness, I avoid a routine. This all adds something extra to my pure biological manly horniness, something that may slowly change your life

Wine or coffee: Let me invite you to a nice restaurant or cafe to get a first impression what I do and who I am. It may be your first time, so no pressure. We will talk, have fun and than we may say goodbye or we may continue to a following if we both get hungry.

One-time date: You may be a tourist coming to Prague to have some fun and we will not have enough space to enjoy each other as a “complete package”. Physical sense is not even a half of what we can share. On the other hand why to handicap you only because you were born in some other part of the world? We never know how this continues.

Tantric massage: Chef´s speciality. If you have not experienced something like this, than you are in for a treat. You’ll experience the full pleasure of a skilled man’s touch. Some say it is much more magical and intimate than ordinary sex. This massage slows the pace and allows both partners to fully enjoy each other.

Behind the closed door: The most popular, by far. Is this going to be your first time? You may not realize what the world of Eros and romance may offer. You can tell me anything that drive your soul and needs crazy. This can include some fantasies or special items. Perhaps we enjoy a drink to see where the night takes us. I do role-play, places… But most of all I want everything to be natural and authentic.

Romantic dinner: Candles flickering around us, soft music, just you and me…smiles, a gentle touch of your hand, deep eye-contact. Do you miss an intense feeling that is found outside of sex? Do you want to recall your girlish dreams? If you’d like, we could cook a dinner together, visit a nice restaurant, or maybe think of other romantic possibilities for us? Let´s become Romeo and Juliet.

The Night: Or two..spend a weekend with me doing whatever you wish. I could become your personal ski instructor … and in the evening, your lover. What about flying to Paris over the weekend? Anything and everything is on the table.